CBP Architects – Working with Client, Community, Consultants and Contractors

About CBP Architects

Our guiding principle is cooperation and teamwork. In order to provide a building solution, a strong working relationship with our Clients is fundamental.

We seek out the latest advances in technology and materials to create landmark modern buildings, refurbishments or conversions that deal sensitively with planning, as well as listed building and conservation issues, but we don’t lose sight of the economic factors involved throughout the design and on-site process.

Our team’s expertise means that all elements of the building process can be monitored and safety ensured at every stage of development. We are committed to the art of architecture.

Our aim is to meet the aspiration of our client to offer dynamic and diverse design within the constraints that we face, from budget to locale. CBP will make sure that the design process is an inclusive process; we know collaboration is the only true route to the most rewarding results.