CBP undertake Habitat and Protected Species Surveys which includes;


• the site history for protected species and habitats

• site description

• methodology

• Heritage Impact assessments

• desktop studies

• soil assessments

• habitat surveys

• fauna surveys

• planning and Nature Conservancy Policies

• bat surveys

• advisory notes on protection of birds

• enhancement of local flora and fauna biodiversity

• the introduction of new species rich habitats and features for biodiversity

• special protection for Great Crested Newt, Amphibians, Reptiles and Invertebrates


An example of a building where it Habitat and Protected Species Survey was carried out is the Deer Barn at Thoresby Park in Nottinghamshire, which is the conversion of an existing Deer Barn to a dwelling for holiday let purposes. Essential evidence in respect of protected habitats and species was gathered in order to assess the potential impact. The report was submitted to Newark and Sherwood District Council as part of a Planning Submission and Planning Permission was granted